Not really a gig, but I happened to catch an art exhibit that included a music installation by
Clarke+Ware's lllustrious Co Ltd. I snapped a few photos & thought I'd put them up in case
anyone was interested in seeing them. Martyn Ware (of Heaven 17) turned up for the event,
although Vince Clarke didn't. The exhibit was called 'Sacred Waterways' and was sponsored by
The Interfaith Center Of New York, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance.

A postcard describing the exhibit says: "A temporary site-specific exhibition on Riverside
Park which gathers artistic responses to both the environment and religious prractices."

Vince & Martyn's contribution was an audio version of a Shinto wishing tree (a Japanese
custom of writing down wishes and tying them to a tree.) Clarke+Ware's wishing tree soundtrack
was based on people's wishes that were phoned-in and recorded on an answering machine the
previous month. The voices were mixed with tracks of ambient music written to match the moods
of the spoken words. The piece was played at the art exhibit, and CDs were given out to visitors.

Other art works at the exhibition included sculptures (some actually floating in the river), and
demonstrations of various relgious rituals such as a Japanese tea ceremony, and traditional Hindu,
Christian, etc. blessings involving water. It was mentioned that most civilizations were founded on riverbanks.
See photos below. -Brooklyn Sue

October 4, 2003 - Riverside Park, Hudson River, Manhattan New York City

A floating map of Manhattan

********Martyn Ware******** Peter & Jeffo check out the sculptures

Sculpture in the foreground, Hindu ceremony & onlookers to the right