July 15 - Pier 84, New York City USA
Photo by Angela Liuzzi

July 15 - Pier 84, New York City USA
Photo by Angela Liuzzi

July 15 - Pier 84, New York City USA
Photo by Angela Liuzzi

July 15 - Pier 84, New York City USA
Photo by Brooklyn Sue

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April 13 - NEC, Birmingham UK

April 14 - NEC, Birmingham UK

April 15 - Guildhall, Preston UK

April 17 - City Hall. Sheffield UK

April 18 - De Monfort Hall, Leicester UK

April 19 - St Georges Hall, Bradford UK

April 20 - City Hall, Newcastle UK

April 22 - Capitol, Aberdeen Scotland UK

April 23 - Barrowlands, Glasgow Scotland UK

April 24 - Playhouse, Edinburgh Scotland UK

April 25 - Apollo, Manchester UK

April 27 - Olympic Ballroom, Dublin IRELAND

April 28 - Ulster Hall, Belfast N. Ireland UK

April 30 - Royal Court, Liverpool UK

May 1 - Colsten Hall, Bristol UK

May 2 - Leisure Centre, Newport Wales UK

May 3 - Centre, Brighton UK

May 5 - Hammersmith Odeon, London UK

May 6 - Hammersmith Odeon, London UK

May 7 - Hammersmith Odeon, London UK

May 8 - Hammersmith Odeon, London UK

May 10 - VEA Norwich, UK (provisional)

May 11 - Hultsfred SWEDEN

May 12 - Vallbeyhallen, Copenhagen DENMARK

May 13 - Concerthouse, Gothenburg SWEDEN

May 14 - Rockefeller, Oslo NORWAY

May 15 - Concerthouse, Stockholm SWEDEN

May 18 - Metropol, Berlin GERMANY

May 20 - Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf GERMANY

May 21 - Niedersachsenhalle, Hanover GERMANY

May 22 - Stadtpark, Hamburg GERMANY

May 24 - Musenhall, Mannheim GERMANY

May 25 - Offenbach Stadthalle, Frankfurt GERMANY

May 26 - Liedenhalle, Stuttgart GERMANY

May 27 - Circus Tent, Munich GERMANY

May 29 - Zurich, SWITZERLAND

May 30 - Big Beat Festival, Vienna AUSTRIA

June 1 - Milan ITALY

June 4 - Barcelona SPAIN

June 6 - Madrid SPAIN

June 8 - Elysee Montmatre, Paris FRANCE

June 9 - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels BELGIUM

June 10 - Paradiso, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

June 25 - Pride Festival, Jubilee Gardens, Westminster London UK

July 13 - The Metro, Boston Massachusetts USA

July 14 - The Lizner, Washington DC USA

July 15 - Pier 84, New York City USA

July 16 - Theatre Living Arts, Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA

July 19 - The Copa, Toronto CANADA

July 20 - Phantasy Theatre, Cleveland Ohio USA

July 21 - St Andrews Hall, Detroit Michigan USA

July 22 - Riviera Theatre, Chicago Illinois USA

July 25 - Numbers, Houston Texas USA

July 26 - Arcadia, Dallas Texas USA

July 28 - The Rainbow, Denver Colorado USA

July 30 - Park West, Park City Utah USA

August 1 - The Fillmore, San Francisco California USA

August 2 - Civic Auditorium, San Jose California USA

August 4 - California Theatre, San Diego California USA

August 5 - The Palladium, Los Angeles California USA

August 7 -Orange County, California USA

August 10 - (charity gig) Royal Court, Peterboro UK

November 15 - NEC, Birmingham UK

November 23 - NEC, Birmingham UK

November 24 - NEC, Birmingham UK

December 12 - NEC, Birmingham UK


Various setlists for 1988 include:

Spring/Summer gigs:
Phantom Bride - Heart Of Stone - Hideaway - Yahoo! - A Little Respect - It Doesn't Have To Be - Ship of Fools - The Circus - Witch In The Ditch - Who Needs Love (Like That) - Oh L'Amour - Hallowed Ground - Say What / Chains Of Love - Victim Of Love - Sometimes -River Deep, Mountain High - Spiralling

November gigs:
Chains of Love - A Little Respect - Witch In The Ditch - The Circus - The Hardest Part - Push Me Shove Me - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - Spiralling - Hallowed Ground - Oh L'Amour -/ Who Needs Love (Like That) - Stop! - Victim of Love - Ship of Fools - Knocking On Your Door - Sometimes

Backing singers for Innocents tour were: Valerie Chalmers & Emma Chalmers

Merchandise sold on tour included: program books, tee shirts, enamel pins, logo scarves

Support acts for the Innocents tour included: Shona Lang (in the USA), other bands on other parts of the tour.



Though Erasure's other half, Vince Clarke gets most of the press' attention for being a songwriter/performer who stacked up a list of top 20 hits in England....even before he formed Erasure, Andy Bell's outrageous showmanship and honeyed lead vocals are what gives the band most of its peculiar performance appeal.

This appeal was in great evidence on the night when Erasure headlined a sold-out engagement at the Hollywood Palladium. There, in front of several thousand adoring and sweat-soaked teenagers, Bell and Clarke gave a show that was seasoned with equal parts of funk and fancy. While Clarke chose to don a suit and tie and keep onstage theatrics to a minimum, lead singer Bell more than compensated for his cohort's notorious subtlety by displaying an outfit and a demeanor that let it be known that he is very gay and very proud. Hitting the stage wearing knee-high punk Banger boots, black and white bumblebee tights, and rhinestone-studded black hot pants with elegant elbow-length rhinestone-studded gloves to match, 23 year-old Bell was a far bluer angel than Marlene Dietrich could have ever hoped to be.

Accompanied by two soulful back-up singers, he proceeded to vamp and sing while Clarke's musical computer banks pumped out the syncopated melodies. Each number from Erasure's latest LP, The Innocents, inspired a roar of approval from the young crowd, as did Bell's frequent recourse to his homosexuality as a "fun" form of onstage outrage. "When I was a little girl," quoted Bell between songs, "I asked my mummy, 'Can I be gay when I grow up?' And she replied, 'Yes, if you show a little respect.' "

-Lance Loud


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